14-25 Team

The 14–24 Team helps all volunteers in Explorer (including Young Leaders) and Network Sections. They help Section teams plan and deliver great programmes for young people.

Team Tasks:

  • The views and ideas of young people shape decisions in the 14–24 Team and its Sections.
  • Section Teams help young people feel welcome and included. They make changes (when needed) so activities are accessible for everyone.
  • The demographics of young people and adults reflect their local area.
  • To meet the needs of 14–24 year olds through the Explorer or Network programme, and creating opportunities to volunteer as a Young Leader.
  • Work with volunteers to share skills between Section Teams.
  • Make sure the Sections run smoothly.
  • Work with Group and Section Teams to check there are Young Leaders in all Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, and Scout Section Teams.
  • Make sure all safety and safeguarding incidents are reported in the right way.
  • Look after first aid kits and accident forms for the Sections and their meeting places.
  • Look after membership system records for volunteers and young people.
  • Look after enquiries for joining and moving between Sections.

14 to 25 Team Members

Mr Explorers
Team Member (Explorers)
Team Member (King's Scout & DofE)
Miss Network
Team Member (Network)

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